Tales Become Textile

With inspiration taken from the old Swedish tale of Princess Cottongrass (Tuvstarr in Swedish) written by Helge Kjellin and illustrated by John Bauer in 1913, I created a collection of three patterns intended for garments and other textiles.

The story is about a princess that follows a moose into the dark forest to find adventure. Around her neck hangs a golden heart and after dropping it into the mesmerising pool, she sits by the edge for years looking for it. She is under a spell and eventually she becomes a slender plant of cotton grass that can’t move.

My patterns carry different parts of the story and I wanted the pieces to be just as strong individually as they were collectively. In the little booklet on the wall there are three sentences from the story that I focused on.

I find abstract patterns on garments timeless. Having a longer lifetime it will mean they will become less harmful to our planet.

On the wall hang hand painted originals, digitally reworked versions and textile samples. Some of the hand paintings are the ones that I later developed into patterns.

The textile samples are an experiment I made to give a feeling of how the patterns would work on fabric.

Hanna Peterson


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