Field Reflection

During the second term, I was partnered with Chloe Jago. Together we worked on the Atheletes of the heart which was an abstract animation. I enjoyed the project as it made me work with materials I had not previously worked with and most importantly I learned how to animate. We drew inspiration directly from “Kartell – 15 Years of Transparency”, “Kim Pimmel –”, “KNB121 – Animation History and practices – Assignment 2” and many other video makers. We based our animation around liquids, materials and certain colour themes.

We experimented by using bath liquids, by using stop motion we filmed from different angles and from here we added different liquids and colours of glitter to the formula we started out with. We both edited the footage and this worked really smoothly as we both had the same ideas and worked coherently to produce the final footage.

The final piece which we used consisted of bath bombs being filmed from different side angles but also from above. We both selected a piece of music we thought worked well with what we had visually and from there on in, played the music whilst filming and producing the final piece footage.

Due to technical difficulties on one of our memory sticks, we lost quite a lot of footage. We still had most of the final piece so we continued on trying out different techniques and methods. We made a second video with the footage and felt it worked best for the finished piece.

I find collaborating and team work really rewarding. Using different individual’s strengths for the final project can only be for the better. But I also feel that equal effort and work needs to be put in and this was the case on the animation which I worked on with Chloe. By both putting equal amounts of good work in we achieved a really nice final piece of work.

I feel that the Field project has been a great opportunity for my creative progression. It has enabled me to work with new materials and think about new ways of working. Working in pairs has made me think of potential future collaborations with other creators. In terms of the presentation, I was really sick at the time so I did not get the opportunity to present my work properly in front of the class and teachers which was dissapoining. I did however make the layout of the PowerPoint presentation together with Chloe where we included references and inspirations that we used for the animation. I would have loved to have the opportunity to present and talk about me and Chloe´s work but I was not able to attend.

As an outcome I have some amazing contacts that could definitely be future collaboration partners which I appreciate a lot.

Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 16.10.21Screen Shot 2017-02-14 at 16.31.11

Hanna Peterson


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