Fashion Zeitgeist 

Lately I have had some hard times to decide what to write my dissertation proposal about but I have landed in something that feels very inspiring and also useful for my future

My dissertation proposal will be under the theme of Fashion Zeitgeist- which refers to how fashion is defining time epochs, past and present.

I have found books about fashion, psychology and the impact fashion makes on the environment, economic aspects and sociocultural change. And I will make connections between those aspects and the past and present trends.

I want to get a wide perspective of a relatively narrow theme. How is fashion defining the different periods of our history and how is it defining our present? Is it important to feel connected to the present, and how do we show it through what we wear? These are some questions i want to work around and these questions will be the base of my dissertation proposal.

The theme gives me a lot of inspiration and I can see how my research sources will come to use in the future. Also I can see how I can use parts of the upcoming text into an article and also extend the words to illustrations.

FullSizeRender 7

Hanna Peterson


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